This video shows how I taught Norah to hold her pencil correctly and how I am now teaching Avril.

I will often hear moms of older kids complain that their kids aren't learning how to write their letters because their kids don't want to re-learn proper pencil hold. But, if moms teach kids early, before their kids form their own habits, before they even know they are being "taught," holding a pencil correctly will become second-nature to them.

And, as you can see, these "lessons" can be quite fun and interactive for mother and child.

Note: If Avril starts out drawing on her own, she doesn't always hold the marker with the right grip. And, sometimes she switches her grip on the markers as soon as I take my hand off hers. Norah did this, too and it's very normal. But, after several months of "doing swirls" with Mommy, like her big sister, Avril will be holding her marker (or pencil or crayon) correctly all of the time.


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