This photo was taken from inside our front window. I knocked and Norah turned and smiled for the camera. All day yesterday, she was in and out, playing the snow (and wind), then coming inside to thaw out again.

Notice: Her snow suit and snow boots are way too small. We got two winter's wear out of this suit, but I don't think it is fair to Norah to try and stretch that to three.

However, I don't really have a choice right now, since I can't seem to find a suit that I like well enough to purchase. Most snow suits are incredibly tacky. (Has anyone else noticed this??!!) They all seem to be so "in style," that they will, no doubt, be noticeably dated in another year or two. I like to try and get suits that are neutral enough for both the girls to wear throughout the years.

But, I suppose this suit is working well enough for now, meaning only part of Norah's shins are exposed to the freezing snow and her feet are so numb from the cold anyway, she doesn't seem to notice that her boots are so tight that blood isn't circulating to her toes.

Here's hoping I find at least one suit available for purchase in her size that doesn't have a bright turquoise, faux fur lining. (Crossing my fingers.)

Avril was none to happy to be left inside. But, I know how it will be. When I took Norah outside in the snow at Avril's size, she just fell face down. I'd laugh and pick her up, but she'd fall right back into the snow again...

I'm too old and practical for that now. Baby girl will just have to wait until she can actually play in the snow to go in the snow, just like she will most likely have to wait till she (and all her siblings to-be) can ride every ride at Disney Land before I am willing to pay for tickets.

So, poor baby was left to cry it out. But, don't worry... Momma held her and gave her comfort and consolation (after I took the picture.)


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