My friend Jessica is about to have a baby any day now! She's asked me to be her birthing partner (along with her husband, of course). So, I've got my scrubs ready, along with everything else. It's all laid out for when I get the call. She wants to have a natural birth, so I am studying up on my breathing techniques and comfort measures. I didn't even study this hard for my own natural births! Mostly, I just depended on my doulas to give me ideas for handling the pain. But, now that I am the doula, I really need to know my stuff! I am also praying constantly, meditating on Scripture and asking God to empower me to be a blessing to my friend. It's exciting. I can't wait to witness the miracle of birth from this perspective. I'll post pictures of her precious little baby Ebenezer or "Eben" when I have them.


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