19th Anniversary

We celebrated our 19th Anniversary with a take-out meal from Texas Roadhouse, since we are still in quarantine.  The kids waited on us, bussed our table, and brought us dessert.  We "ordered" vanilla ice cream from the freezer with Oreo cookies from the quarantine junk food stores. Honestly, the service was a little slow.

Later, we read the essay "Poetry and Marriage" by Wendell Berry.  I had to reread it for Circe, so Dwayne listened, too. It was a timely essay, since we're in "the thick of it," so far as marriage goes.

Here's one quote that moved Dwayne and I as we read:

"The Zen student, the poet, the husband, the wife- none knows with certainly what he or she is staying for, but all know the likelihood that they will be staying 'a while': to find out what they are staying for.  And it is the faith of all of the disciplines that they will not stay to find out they should not have stayed."

We celebrated Dwayne's parents' fiftieth anniversary with them at the Grand Canyon a few years ago. Las year, we attended a fiftieth anniversary party for the Fosters, Dwayne's best friends' parents.  Seeing those couples at fifty years together inspired me.  I could tell that those couples know why they stayed. And I feel certain they will tell us staying is worth it.


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