Spring Yard Work

We cleaned up the yard, cleaning the beds, and laying out all the fresh mulch today.  The girls worked really hard, doing a fair portion of the work, working the entire time.  This was my main goal, actually. Knowing we had planned to put out all the mulch today, I told Dwayne in the morning that even more than getting the work done, I wanted the girls to learn the work. So we agreed to spend the day training and supervising them and simply working together until it was done.  I wanted the girls to understand how to take care of the beds in spring, experience how physically difficult yard work can be, but also how satisfying it is.  I was very proud of them. They worked without complaint!  Everyone was thoroughly exhausted, but satisfied, just as I hoped. When we were done, we sat around outside with cold sodas for the kids and cold beers for the adults from the garage fridge, and junk foods from the pantry stores.


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