A Garden of Moss

I kept (or tried to keep) a moss garden in a lid inside my old house. Only God, who dwells within my heart, knows how much joy that little garden of green texture inspired in me. 

Now the great Gardener of the whole earth has set my whole house inside a moss garden. This house sits center of an acre of moss! (The leaves were covering the ground when we bought the house that winter, so I had no idea how much there was until we cleared away leaves that spring.) 

So I am still surprised when I look out the windows. And I just laugh.  Then the Lord laughs at me for laughing. I feel His joy in my delight and wonder over this, His doing.  His laughter echoes off the rocks and trees back to me: His joy reverberates constantly. I can perceive it then: I'm inside His heart. 

This is just one patch of moss outside my dining room window. What extravagance! What kindness! What mirth! I begin to perceive the infinite joy ahead for me, for He is the Garden I dwell in eternally.


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