The Tempest

I am reading The Tempest by Shakespeare for the Circe Apprenticeship. But it's a play, so it was meant to be seen/ scene.  So I purchased the Royal Shakespeare Company's version of The Tempest on DVD. The littles watched it with me.  They don't get much screen time, so that might have helped motivate them to watch this.This was the little girls’ first play, so I wasn’t sure how it would go. We were just enchanted and thoroughly entertained the entire time. 

They laughed at all the bawdy humor, some of which went mercifully over their heads. 

I asked Avril how she was doing. “I’m not getting it all, but I’m getting enough.” 

At a break, Adele said, “Now I can see why Queen Elizabeth liked his plays.” Note: They have just heard about Elizabeth and Shakespeare in The Story of the World, their history book, so the timing was beautiful. 

Avril knew it was Shakespeare’s last play and I heard her whisper his name when she heard his voice coming through Prospero’s words. 

Caliban’s speech about dreams just broke my heart. I will have to look at that again carefully. 

Adele was weeping at the end, especially over Ariel’s exit. She asked, “We’re keeping this, right?” 

Dwayne says they came upstairs and gushed, “Shakespeare.” 

Now their big sister’s asking what she missed. 

My cup runneth over.


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