Easter 2020

I have started filling up one, big Easter basket for the three girls (and providing a little extra candy for their dad, too.)  I put this out really early in the morning, so the girls see it as they wake up and come downstairs.
We watched church online.
The girls filled a bunch of plastic eggs with a large bag of Starburst candies and three chocolate Cadbury eggs that I provided for the purpose.
I had the girls hide in inside while I hid the eggs outside.
They had an egg hunt, while the grown ups watched.
The teenager was held back for a good fifteen to twenty minutes, then I let her start hunting, too.
All the while, Dwayne smoked a ham shoulder that he finished cooking in the oven overnight for dinner the next day.
Late in the afternoon, we met the Boulden family online.  We chatted about various things and we laughed at each other. We ended by singing "Amazing Grace."


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