25 Things About Me

I did this on Facebook first, but I thought I'd also use it as a post on my blog. If you like the idea and do it on your blog, too, please comment on the bottom of this post, so I can read your list.

1. In the summer after sixth grade, I locked myself in my brother's room, sat on the floor in front of the only book shelf in our house and I taught myself to read with books my older sister had collected for school: Wuthering Heights, Alas Babylon, etc. We also had this old, incomplete set of children's encyclopedia. (Before that, I couldn't read words I wasn't already familiar with. I was taught to read by sight and was never taught any phonics besides the initial sounds letters make.)

2. I have always dreamed of being a writer. I always thought “If I can write a book, I can do anything.” I guess I still feel that way.

3. I'd rather write than speak, email than make a phone call, etc.

4. I used to smile constantly. I don't smile as much now, but I laugh more and I am much more content than I ever was.

5. I cry almost anytime I hear Scripture being read out loud.

6. Dwayne and I both went to college to be in Christian ministry, but we felt lead away from that.

7. I never want to live in the south again.

8. I am more politically conservative living in the north than I ever was in the south.

9. But, I am much more liberal in matters of faith and conscience. I read and studied the book of Galatians when Norah was an infant. That book will mess with what you think you know.

10. I didn't get my driver's license till I was nineteen, after my freshman year in college.

11. I accepted Christ when I was fifteen. More than any other event, that has defined my life and charted its course.

12. Dwayne and I met at the end of June, went on our first date in July, were engaged in August, and were married in April, but only because our parents said “No” to December.

13. I cheered for seven years, from middle school through two years of college.

14. I taught school for two years after college, now I home school my daughter.

15. I like to set goals for myself with time limits and work toward them.

16. I hate doing laundry.

17. I have a deep mistrust of law enforcement because guys I knew in school are now cops.

18. I enjoy shooting a handgun at the range.

19. I mooned a window once and my friend took a picture of my butt from the other side. I'm often glad we didn't have MySpace or You Tube when I was growing up.

20. I'd lived to learn and regret plenty by the time I was a freshman in high school. Before then, I had a toxic combination of way too little judgment and way too much freedom.

21. My relationship with Christ started by reading Scripture in secret. I cherish the verse 2 Timothy 3:15, "Scripture is able to give you the wisdom that leads to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus" because Scripture did just that for me.

22. I love to jump rope, by myself or with a group. I am glad I'll have two little girls, so we can turn the rope for each other.

23. I can listen to the same CD for months and months. I think I've been listening to “Coco” by Colbie Calliat for almost a year now.

24. I can watch the same movie, if I like it, hundreds of times.

25. After almost eight years of marriage, Dwayne's still my best friend. I think he's awesome.


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