Creativity = Messes.

I've often read about the importance of buying Norah toys that will promote her creativity: play dough, crayons, construction paper, building blocks. But, letting her use these things unfettered is a challenge for me sometimes. It's hard for me to see past the messes she makes: the Lego she will miss while cleaning-up that I will, no doubt, step on later, the globs of glue stick that dry to the top of the dinner table, the play dough that falls on the kitchen floor then gets stuck to the bottom of my sock. But, when I let her play freely, let her make those busy messes, she has much more fun and always creates unique things we're both proud of.


I just thought that Creativity=Messes can apply to moms, too. I know what my house looks like after I take all the time to create collages for my blog like the one on this post. LOL.
gina said…
lol. Good point. I love what the girls create and spend my days picking up numerous messes- although it's getting slightly better since I've been trying to enforce- you pick up one thing before you start to practice what I preach. ;)