Norah borrowing Grandma's visor at Brevard Zoo.

K is for Kids

Parents of young children should realize that few people, and maybe no one, will find their children as enchanting as they do.
-Barbara Walters

When I read this quote and then saw who said it, my first thought was "Old Hag." But, then I realized ol' Barbara is probably right. I joke about it, but I think God gives parents "a special dispensation of grace" for their own children. How else could we help our potty trainers wipe their bottoms and then go right on with cooking dinner... after washing our hands, of course? I've changed other kids' diapers in the church nursery and they always smell so terrible.

No really. If another kid behaved as Norah does, I'd most likely want to string them up. But, to me, nearly everything she does is charming. Sometimes I even have to turn my head to hide my laughter when she is bad, particularly when she is being brilliant in her mischief. I always handle it and she is disciplined and instructed, but I don't think she has any doubt that I love her even when she is naughty. And, I am okay with that. Why should I use my love or lack of it to manipulate her behavior? That has never been the way God deals with me.

I think there may not be another experience available on earth that can offer more insights into God's nature than being a parent.


What a sweet post and I suspect you are right. I recently saw a friend from many years ago (pre-husband & kids) and she asked how I managed having kids because she remembered that when we were young and single I always said that I could NEVER change dirty diapers. LOL!!! Funny how that all works out, isn't it?

Love the picture - she's so adorable! And I'm impressed that you're up to "K" already. I took "C" pix, but haven't posted them yet. LOL!! Thanks for dropping by. :D
Yeah. I think I had an aversion to poop at one time, too. Maybe I will have the luxury of redeveloping that quality again later in life. :) And, I thought this picture just ooozed kid-ness, I can tell Norah is just poised for more nonsense, so I was inspired for the letter K.