The views from where I sit:

Across the table, Dwayne is working on his expense report for his trips and paying bills. He's wearing a shirt and a hat that he got at the AHR Expo in Chicago. I thought he'd spent money on these items and had a small fit until he told me he got them for free. My husband is a very professional engineer by work day, but an aspiring redneck by nights and weekends.

Norah had instant oatmeal for breakfast. Now she's gone to play with her toys, since they are all new to her again. We need to buy groceries, badly, but we just got back from Florida late last night.

Instant oatmeal sounded disgusting to me. I had a much less wholesome breakfast: A crisp, cold Diet Pepsi from the fridge, the rest of our nacho cheese Doritos and a few peanut M&Ms left over from my snack on the plane. I'm pregnant. What of it?!


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