I took this photo at Sleeping Giant State Park in January '06.

Winter speaks
to the surfeited heart,
weary of heat
and weeds
and leaves,
longing to breathe
cold, bracing air,
explore the hillsides
swept and bare;
to revel each bush,
each tree
stripped to stark
original etchings
and You,
who etched them,
with me there.

-Ruth Bell Graham


gina said…
A nice reminder that Winter does have it's value. A tough thing to remember this far in...
Yeah. I do like the fact that in winter you can see the trees bare against the sky, they are beautiful like that, so I like this poem for that reason. But, I can't wait till we can sweat, swim and even get sun burns again. I think I am needing vitamin e or whatever it is sunlight produces.
Anonymous said…
i *love* this photo..

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