Avril turns this fish tank on almost every time she wakes up from a nap. She's not that great with her hands yet, but she can manage to throw up a fist and hit that blue button with a "Pow!" The music turns on and this is quickly becoming my signal that she's awake and it is time to go get her.

It's just one more thing that makes Avril different from her big sister Norah. The fish tank was Norah's toy a long, long time ago, but Norah never, I repeat never turned it on. I almost got rid of it because I thought it must be so unappealing to every baby. But, I think Norah was just too interested in making eye contact with someone and getting picked up and played with to notice some thing hanging on the side of her crib.

But, Avril is different. She's not better or worse, just different. And, I am delighting in noticing how my girls are already responding to things in their own, unique ways.


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