Up till this word on this phonics page, Norah thought fireworks exploded and made a bang because they "blast off then hit a bump in the top of the sky."

Every new word like this tends to lead to a new question and every new question tends to lead to a new discussion, so phonics can take forever and it is constantly turning into lessons about other subjects that have nothing to do with spelling rules, special sounds or sight words.

"Less talking and more reading" has become my new catch phrase. When I say this, Norah usually just rolls her eyes and keeps going until another words strikes her.

"Cried. That's like, 'The baby cried till she got some milk.' Right, Mom? Avril cried when she was hungry... or tired... or when she had a dirty diaper... Did I cry when I was a baby?"


"When did I cry?"

"When you were hungry or tired or if you had a dirty diaper... just like Avril."

"How loud did I cry?"

"Louder than Avril."

"When did I talk?"

"I can't remember when you didn't talk... sigh."

"What was my first word?"

"What's the next word?"


"Less talking more reading."


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