My homeschooling mom-friend from New Hampshire and her four kids came to visit last week. She and the kids had other friends to meet up with for dinner each afternoon, but we enjoyed visiting with them at night when they got back and and during the days. The kids had a great time playing around the house and at the park.

Sarah played dress up with Norah.

John climbed our tree out front a lot.

Their youngest, Timothy, was never still, so I couldn't get an un-fuzzy picture of him to save my life.

Their oldest, Rachel, had watermelon at the park. She wanted to play Clue all the time and I was happy to oblige her. I love that game!

As always, Norah enjoyed the company and as always,
she cried bitterly when her friends were gone.

Look at those chubby thighs and those blue eyes and that pretty little mouth...
She's got to be the prettiest baby in whole wide world!


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