We had some left over frosting after celebrating Norah's birthday. Dwayne kept stealing a finger-full of it anytime he opened the fridge throughout last week. I thought that was pretty pitiful and felt sorry for him, so I came up with what I thought would be a solution. Saturday morning, after breakfast, I decided to make some mini cupcakes with a mix I have had in the pantry for several months. Norah helped me gladly. But, when Dwayne got up and saw what we were doing, he was disappointed. He said he knew Norah and I would eat the icing with cupcakes, but as long as there were no cupcakes, he'd have the icing all to himself. Ha! But, we finished baking them anyway. And, Saturday night, after we got home and made and ate dinner, we put all the cupcakes on the lazy-Susan in the middle of the table and decorated them together. Turns out, bite sized cupcakes are pretty irresistible. So, I hurried over to our neighbor's house with a plate full even though the sun had just set, knowing that if I delayed till morning, they might all be gone before we had a chance to share them.


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