Consider making a collection of your favorite poems.

In addition to the picture file she gave us a while back, my mom has a poetry file or a collection of children's poems she had to complete for her college course work in education. Her professor meant for her to use the pictures and poems as aids to teach the kids in her future classrooms. I am sure neither he nor my mom ever imagined that almost thirty years later, her grandchildren would be using those materials she collected to homeschool.

My mom has been looking hard for her poetry collection and she finally found one of her files a few weeks ago and my sister mailed it to us a few days ago. Norah and I sat down and read several of the poems right away. I plan to transfer the poems to a larger binder so I can add new ones to the collection as we find them, just like I add new pictures to my mom's picture file as we find them. Thanks, Mom. We treasure your work. It is almost thirty years later, but we are putting it to good use!