Consider creating a picture file.

Today I cut the twelve pictures off a calendar we received in the mail from our insurance company. The calendar had vivid prints of a family of white wolves, a polar bear, a bay seal, a moose, a mountain lion, etc. I mounted each picture to construction paper and labeled them. I plan to take them to the local teacher's store to have them laminated, then add them to a large plastic file folder where I keep the other pictures we've collected.

My mom started this picture file when I was in kindergarten more than twenty years ago. She was in college getting her master's degree in elementary education at the time. My dad helped her with her school work at the dinner table in the evenings. When I was capable, they'd let me help, too, so her education often seemed like something we all participated in. I have memories of my dad cutting and mounting, cutting and mounting hundreds of photos out of stacks and stacks of magazines like National Geographic. My mom gave me this picture file last year and I have enjoyed adding to it as often as I can. I loved to look at the pictures when I was growing up and it seems like Norah loves it, too.


Shannon said…
Love your picture file idea!
Thanks for stopping by my blog - hope to "see" you again. :)
gina said…
What a lovely "non internet" way to expand a child's world through images. I am going to start one!

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