Norah pretends to "ice skate" all over our wood floors with these pieces of felt under her socked feet.

Originally, we got this idea from her home school curriculum's "Wiggle Time." But, the teacher used paper plates because the classroom where she records the PE lessons has indoor/outdoor carpet on the floor. (If you have carpet, paper plates would work best for your kids, too.) But, the plates would have made an awful sound and done little but scratch our wood floors, so I improvised and gave Norah pieces of craft felt I had in my sewing supplies instead.

The teacher also suggested that Norah try and balance a bean bag on her head while "ice skating." We don't have bean bags, but we do have about fifty beanie babies... so again, we improvised. Norah balances one of her beanie babies on her head as she goes around.

She loves to do this now, so I thought I'd share this simple, cheap and easy idea for more active, fun, indoor play this winter.


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