I have often laughed with other moms about the fact that raising kids can cause you to begin substituting words like "bathroom" with less refined vocabulary like "potty," even in your conversations with other adults. And, these days, it is pretty common for me to find crayons to write out the grocery list long before finding an ink pen.

I noticed two other things said and done around the house today that only really make sense in the context of our life with a four year old and if taken alone, are quite absurd and hilarious.

"Can you help me put her butt on?"

Needless to say, without the picture, it would make no sense that my daughter ever even had reason to ask me this specific question.

"You left your wand in here again!
Please come get it and put it with your boa!"

This is just one more thing I never thought I'd say to my daughter even once, let alone five times a day like I do now. But, with a little girl who likes to dress up like a princess to do everything, even school work, anything goes!


carrie said…
Christopher has also asked me to put his potato head's butt back on! How funny.
How funny! I love that he asked that, too! At first, when Norah asked this, I wasn't looking in her direction, so I was thinking, "What?!" then I saw what she was holding and laughed so hard. I had to take a picture and put it online!

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