G is for Games

If we made a pie graph of our days, the time we spend playing games would represent a healthy slice anyway. But, that has been especially true of the last few days. Norah and I have been spending a lot of time on my bed under our thickest blankets playing Match Up.

Besides the fact that I haven't been sleeping at night, making me feel like resting during the day anyway, the cable guys were here this week. They worked all day for two days, going in and out of the house, letting the cold wind in and all the heat out. They installed our new cable and had to replace wires all the way from the pole on the street, through our floor and walls, to the outlet behind our television in an effort to set up the new service.

So, under the blankets on my bed has been the only warm place in the house! Norah's willingness to play this game with me has been such a blessing. I laugh at her because she will say "Yes!" and throw her fist in the air anytime she wins.


gina said…
I haven't hear dof this game? Is it like the old Simon?
I'm not sure. I have never heard of Simon. Match Up makes you match the sound with what makes it, or animal with the color it is... It's sort of like memory, only without cards.

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