H is for Hat

Norah's current lessons are covering some of our most celebrated, identifiable presidents. On the day we covered Abraham Lincoln, we made a simple top hat that he is famous for wearing. She had fun wearing it during the lessons and a little later, for dress up... until it ripped apart.

This was as simple as it looks to make. I cut the shape of a top hat and two eight inch strips out of a piece of black construction paper. Then, I stapled the two strips to the front of the hat, fitted the strips to Norah's head briefly, then stapled the strips together before I let her slide it on. The hat didn't last long, but I didn't mind that because it will be so easy to make again, if Norah ever wants another one to play with.


gina said…
Shaye is fascinated with all things president these days. She has decided she wants to be the youngest president ever- she's going to run in the first election held after she's old enough... and a cook. Because she can do both.

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