Norah drew this family portrait on her dry erase board last night. I asked where her baby sister was. In previous pictures you can see the baby in my stomach. She assured me that I was pregnant in the picture, "You just can't see the baby cause your shirt and skin is over it." So, now her art work is taking on more realism. But, if that's the case, what is she trying to say about the size of my head... or her dad's?


gina said…
lol. Don't ask. ; Actually according to art pyschology it is indicating that she feels you have more say in the family. :)

White boards- a homeschooling staple, eh? We just got ours on sunday and the girls have used them every day. For math, art, spelling + letter forming...
That is what I was thinking! :) It's actually true these days since her dad has been working more. Right now, I must be the biggest one, quite literally, in her life. So funny! I think we could all test the balance of power by letting our kids draw a family portrait every now and then!
Dana said…
When my son was 4 or so he would draw family portraits. His largest character was always himself! lol. What does that say?!

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