This is a picture of Norah listening to the tape I made for her late Tuesday night. She seems to enjoy this Tape Time and asks to listen at least once a day, often more. It does my heart good when I hear her giggling, repeating or singing in response to the cues on the tape. And, I may be imagining it, but she seems to be more contemplative the last few days, even a little distracted sometimes, like she is thinking about something. I've also noticed she needs much less coaching when it is time to do a chore that I mentioned on the tape! So, I think the messages are getting into her head. I hope they are blessing her and helping to mold her precious little heart.


Dana said…
Curious minds want to know...what are you saying on the recording? Did you explain it in an earlier post?
I did post it earlier. If you click on my label "Homeschool Ideas" you should see an older post with a picture of a tape recorder. I outlined most of what I said on the bottom half of that post. I am already making plans for tape #2! Would love suggestions for poems, memory work, messages kids need to know...

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