Egg Carton Memory Game

I saw a version of this game at a toy store and got the idea. That egg carton was plastic and it had little round barnyard animals in the sections. The manufacturer was charging somewhere between ten and twenty bucks for it.

Sometimes I'll see things like this for sale and say to myself, "I can make that!" But, I usually don't end up making whatever it is I am talking about. However, this time I actually did!

I saved an egg carton and used little things I have have around to go in the sections: pom pom animals we've made: too fragile to play with usually, but just right for this game, an empty bobbin, a ceramic heart, a glass rock, a spare key, a piece of candy, etc. You are supposed the move the pieces around, practicing your memory.


I know! So easy! So cheap! I couldn't believe anyone would pay for it...

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