This must be the easiest recipe ever and it looks and tastes is so good, you can serve it when you have guests for dinner. I got this recipe from a good friend when she and her son came to visit Norah and I earlier this week.

Chicken Saltimboca

3 skinless, boneless chicken breasts, split in half and cut into bite sized pieces.
Sprinkle chicken with a heavy coat of Italian Seasoning and Salt and Pepper
Melt 2 tablespoons of butter in a deep skillet set on low/medium heat.
Pour 1 cup of flour into a large bowl and throw toss the spiced chicken pieces in the flour to coat them.
Cook the spiced and coated chicken pieces in the melted butter in the skillet, stirring them frequently so they will cook evenly.
When chicken is nearly done throughout, pour 1/2 cup of white wine into the skillet with the chicken.
Stir chicken constantly and let the wine "sauce" thicken with the flour and spices that come off the chicken.
Serve the cooked chicken over a bed of rice with a vegetable of you choice on the side.


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