She's rolling over, but not back. She's sits up, but not all by herself. She's saying words like "Ba, ba, baba" and "Ma, ma, mama." Besides nursing like a champ and eating a small portion of cereal, she's downing at least one jar of baby food every day. And, she gets really mad when the jar gets empty. She likes to blow spit bubbles and make toot noises with her mouth. She always sucks on her fingers like she just ate a chicken leg or rack of ribs or something. When you are holding her, she tries to grab your face and put the whole thing in her mouth at once. And, while she does this she makes the exact same sound that tigers do when they are eating their prey. She'll smile at you and laugh the sweetest little laugh, but not right away. She makes you work for it. She's our Avril.


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