Our Book It! awards came in the mail yesterday. Did you do this when you were in school? I wanted to, but I was never able to read enough books to get the free pizzas. These days, homeschoolers can sign up, too! Go here and fill out the form to receive an email reminder when the sign-ups come around again, sometime in March of next year.

The program allows you to set your own goal for your kid. We've decided that Norah will have to read twenty pages in her phonics textbook or twenty Bob's Books or some combination of the two to get one of these coupons. At the end of the month, that means she will have to read one or two more pages and books a week than she averages right now. With Dwayne's help, I made this nifty check list so Norah can keep track of her progress herself.

Feel free to double click on the image above, right click and "Save file as..." and save this to your own computer to use for yourself. Starting October 1, we will print this on card stock, trim it with scissors so we can take off all the excess borders and keep the card with her phonics books, that way she will be able to check off one star each time she finishes something. I'm hoping this will motivate her to read more than just what she is assigned. And, when a month's twenty stars are all checked off, we'll go get her a pizza for lunch... ummm... that is... as soon as the next pay day comes after we finish checking the twenty! Yay!


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