I made Chrunchy Tilapia, Lemon Tartar Sauce and Creamed Spinach for dinner this evening. I was eight months pregnant with Norah the last time I made fish. At that point, we were eating salmon at least once a week, but one night, I pulled some out of the fridge and the smell of it made me gag. The memories of the tremors I got are just now beginning to dim enough for me to leave them behind and start handling raw fish again. It's like I've been holding my nose for five years and I am finally able to breath in deep again. I am going to try and add fish like this to our menu at least once every two weeks. It's just so good for us. I've felt for some time that we eat way too much chicken or rice and I need to add more meat varieties and green to our diet. In fact, this meal was so perfectly nutritious, after only one plate and six hours, I am still not hungry.


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