"It's fun to stay at the..."

The YMCA is once again our second home. I started teaching group fitness classes and water aerobics again in August of this year. Avril was just at six months then, the minimum age for kids to attend the free childcare classes. I've recently added even more exercise classes to my work load with the start of the latest schedule. And with personal training and cardio workouts as well, we end up there at least four to five days a week, sometimes twice a day.

I can't say enough good about our Y. It's the kind of place I'd pay to go to, but as an employee, I am I'm lucky enough to get a free membership. And, teaching group exercise is so rewarding, I think I'd do work as a volunteer! But, it's just all the more unbelievable that I get paid (and paid well, I think) for what I do.

Norah enjoys being in her classroom. She has made friends with some of the kids who come at the same times we do. And even Avril, who has a hard time warming up to people, is smiling at all the familiar faces and looking right at home in her teachers' arms when I come back to get her.

Norah poses with some of the My Little Ponies in the classroom.


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