Norah finished her goal of reading twenty pages and/or Bob's books on Friday afternoon, so we were able to take her to get her first free pizza with the Book It program.

This is the page she read to us right before we left to have dinner. Notice the page has the word "woodshed" on it. After reading it, Norah asked, "What's a 'woodshed?'" and at that, Dwayne and I had to ask ourselves through chuckles whether or not we were raising her right.

We haven't had Pizza Hut in years, literally, so we gave Norah a hearty and genuine "Thanks" for working so hard on her reading because we were able to enjoy a dinner out with her. Obviously, even though her pizza was free, we had to pay for ours, but Norah felt good about herself, about doing something we could all share in, and we felt good about saving our extra money up in order to do this, not eating out too much at other places so we could go out and celebrate with her.


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