Here are some photos from Easter. The girls woke up to baskets. Avril's had baby books and bath toys. Norah's had toys and candy.

We keep the same Easter baskets and fill them with new gifts every year. It is often more expensive and more inconvenient this way, since I could just pick up a whole basket filled with toys and candy for $10 somewhere. But, I can't stand the idea of buying a new basket every year, not to mention the fact that pre-made baskets are usually filled with cheap toys that will break in a day. Somehow, that seems more wasteful to me.

While we were making breakfast, Norah had to try out the 3-D chalk right away.

Pictures after church.

Our neighbor came over and snapped this one, so we could all be in it.

In the afternoon, I put jelly beans in plastic eggs and hid them all over the yard.

I put one or two jelly beans in each egg, but the golden egg was full of jelly beans. It took Norah forever to find it; I hide it so well.

A few more pictures of our girls before the sun went down.

I feel mighty blessed on days like this.

These girls just delight my soul.

It is the blessing of the LORD that makes a person rich. -Proverbs 10:22


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