This is a new recipe we have been eating on a regular basis. It's very good. I'd like to make one suggestion, however, that I think makes this dish even better. Cook the bacon until it's crisp, just as the recipe suggests, but remove it before you add the tomatoes. Set the bacon aside and crumble it into bits. Once the dish is finished, sprinkle the bacon on top, along with the Parmesan and parsley. If you leave the bacon in for the duration, as the recipe instructs you to, it will become soft and chewy. I'm not a fan of chewy bacon. But, if you take it out, it remains crisp and you can just mix it into the pasta as you eat it.


Loretta Evans said…
Jamey absolutely LOVED this pasta. He said it reminded him of beans. (Thank goodness he likes beans.) He's a typical man who just likes to eat food, not necessarily TASTE food. I threw some mushrooms in with mine and it was great too.

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