The early blossom off a grape hyacinth.

I am gardening again and this year, with more-than-usual gusto. I was forced to take a hiatus last year because Avril was born, so I have been yearning to get back outside and fuss over my flowers. I see spiritual parallels all over the place when I am tending to my garden. I tried to pull a weed that was growing up next to one of my grape hyacinths the other day. I should have waited, I knew, but I hate weeds. Little sucker was gonna pay... But, in trying to pull it, I accidentally cut the blossom off one of my flowers, leaving the weed right where it was to begin with. It made me think of the parable of the wheat and the tares: Matthew 13:24-29 and 36-40.

You can see the weed, the heart-shaped leaves at the base of the plant. It just stayed put. Grrr.


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