A few of my favorite things -

My flower box - We will often do our home school work outside on the deck, just to be close to our pansies.

My house shoes - These springtime mornings still carry a chill, so these part sock/ part shoes are indispensable to my happiness.

Avril's backside glory - When she is crawling away from me, her little diaper butt and chubby legs make my heart well up with affection. I usually have to chase her down, scoop her up and kiss her.

My new camera - Dwayne surprised me with this to me for our ninth wedding anniversary. I was perfectly content with my old camera, even if it was covered in finger paint and peanut butter, I didn't even realize how much a new camera would bless me. (Dwayne did, of course. He gives the best gifts.) I take at least eighty pictures a day, so it's been nice to use this sleek little thing instead of my old clunker.

Diet Dr. Pepper - I've been keeping a stash in the fridge and I indulge anytime the day starts to feel long.

Baby pats - That's what we call Avril's way of showing affection. She gives us "baby pats." When her dad picks her up, she will lean into his shoulder and gently pat the sides of his face with her both hands. When I am working at the sink, she'll scoot up next to me like this, lean into my leg and lovingly pat it with both hands. And, of course, I have to stop what I am doing immediately and fuss over her.

Watching my kids play - In the mornings when I don't have to go to work, when we are done with breakfast, the girls play so well together. I just like to sit and watch (and sometimes referee).

These are just a few of my favorite things right now. They cause my heart to well up with thanks to my God.

What about you?

What are some of the little things that bring you great joy?


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