You know that tone kids get when they pick up a bag of Skittles in the check-out line, look up at you with puppy dog eyes and in a silky sweet voice ask, "Mom, Can I have these?" Well, my daughter Norah doesn't really ever use that tone. No, honestly. I'm serious. She doesn't. She's given up trying to get things from me in stores. But, there is one exception to this and it's about the only time she ever uses her powers of persuasion on me. She'll ask all sweet as sugar, "Mom, can I please rock with Avril and read her a bedtime story?" And, I'll flinch a little, because I want to get them to bed so I can have more free time to myself, but I can never, ever say "No" to that. Norah knows it and I know it.

Look at the pictures above. Don't they both look like they just talked me into getting them a bag of Skittles?

Is there anything that your kids ask for that you just can't say "No" to?


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