From where I was sitting on the couch, I heard Norah whimpering and grunting, expressing general frustration over whatever she was working on in the other room. That's my cue that she wants my help, so I get up to go see what's going on...

"What's all this mess?! What are you doing?" I ask.

"I'm trying to make a pirate hat out of this empty box and I need help getting the knot to stay on the back. But, anyway, the box doesn't even stay on my head, so it's not going to work..." Her voice trailed off in disappointment.

I smirked and said, "Come with me." I led her to my bedroom and opened my the hidden drawer on the top of my dresser where I keep all my old handkerchiefs and scarves and what-not. Her eyes lit up like Christmas lights. "You have pirate hats in your drawer?!"

I closed my eyes and reveled in the brief moment of adoration. It doesn't happen often. She's generally kind of hard to impress. So, I nodded my head solemnly and said to her through a grin, "Yes. Yes. I do, Norah. And, I was saving these pirate hats just for you."


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