It was overcast on Saturday. It even drizzled on and off until noon. I am sure the weather was a big disappointment to anyone who wanted to go to the beach or the zoo, but the day was absolutely perfect for berry picking.

It was hot and very humid, but the bushes and berries were all covered in a light layer of rain water, so we were constantly refreshed by the cold dips covering our hands and arms or by the splashes in our face when a branch would bounce back.

Norah is a berry-picking pro now.

Avril was a natural, too. She could clean a branch faster than any of us, but she had the motivation. She got to put the ones she picked straight into her mouth.

However, Avril was perfectly happy to sit in the wagon because Norah and I took turns filling her cup holder with berries.

Sometimes Avril would drop one of the berries in the bottom of her wagon. I'd hear the "plunk" and then see her bend over for about ten to twenty seconds, but no matter how long it took, she'd always come up with the lost berry.

We got just under five pounds this time. I figure it's a start. But, I want to come back.

We also picked raspberries.

You haven't lived unless you've had them straight off the bush clean from fresh rain water. Imagine the best raspberry sauce you've ever tasted, the kind restaurants drizzle over cheesecake, only fresher.

I ate more raspberries than I put in my bucket. I couldn't help myself. You know that scene in Willy Wonka where they let everyone loose in the candy garden and the kids are stuffing their checks full of sweets? It was like that.

It was the perfect picture spot.
Wouldn't it be nice if the kids we have cover these rocks someday?

Back to the barn to weigh our buckets and pay.

All in a days work.


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