Zaner-Bloser, the company that makes Norah's handwriting program, allows you to print practice paper for student levels K through 8th off their website.

Just click this link and it will take you to the web page shown in the photo above. Then click "Get started." That will open the window that you see in the photo below.

There are options for grade level, cursive or manuscript, color or black and white, etc. on the left. On the right, there are templates for the various kinds of pages one may want, depending on the subject: handwriting, spelling, vocabulary, etc.

You can just print out a blank page or type in your own words and then print them out. Or, you can do both and that makes customized copy work and matching practice paper like you see below.

This site saves me the trouble of writing out Norah's copy work like I had to do before. Writing it out wasn't a big deal when it was only one or two sentences, but now her copy work is getting longer and longer and I am more likely I am to mess it up somewhere in the middle, so I will probably use this site more and more in the coming weeks.


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