The girls received even more Webkins in the mail this morning. Norah says, "Thank! You! Uncle! Donnie!" with real emphasis on each word. The girls have started playing with the hamster, the bush baby, the lambs and the bunnies (not pictured above).

When I say that they both play, I mean that Avril gets to be the one to hold the "babies" and carry them around the house while Norah takes care of them online and plays the games. Letting Avril do the holding isn't easy for Norah because naturally, Norah would rather be able to hold the Webkins and play with them online, too, but letting Avril hold them is the fairest solution we've come up with and the only way to do what's right by her sister in the given situation. Avril always wants to be where Norah is, doing what Norah's doing, so letting her hold the Webkins is the most age-appropriate way to let Avril join the fun.

But, when Norah isn't playing online, Avril has to share the babies with Norah equally. That way, they both really do enjoy Webkins.

Note: I am saving the pumpkin puppy to give the girls on Halloween and the turkey to give them on Thanksgiving. That'll make those holidays even more fun to look forward to.

Thank you Uncle Donnie!


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