We've been "in school" for only a few weeks and Norah has already read a third of the books on Sonlight's third grade reading list. I give Norah one of these books for "reading" almost everyday that we do school. She enjoys this so much, she begs to do reading almost as soon as we start lessons for the day. Each of these books is supposed to be read over a number of days, according to Sonlight's schedule, but once Norah starts a book, she usually wants to finish it in one sitting and I don't have the heart to tell her "no." Something about making my kid stop reading feels very unnatural, even wrong to me. So, at this point, I am going ahead and ordering the books I don't already have off Sonlight's forth/ fifth grade reading list so they will be here when Norah is done with the third grade list. Those books may actually be big enough to cause Norah to need to put them down and take a break before finishing them. She may actually have to learn the art of "picking up where she left off." But, I guess we will see.


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