I have been reading several random sections of The Well Trained Mind that I haven't been able to give due attention to yet. There's so much content in this book, it's like it just keeps growing more content when I am not looking. I've poured over this book for days and days already, but there is still so much to see!

I made a list of the resources that stood out to me as I've read the last few days, the particular publishers or books or programs that I don't know about yet, that sounded like they may yet be useful at this point in our home school efforts, even after all that I've already done to prepare. I intend to look up the information that's on this new list I've made during my free time in the next few days.

I've already found an exciting resource I'd like to share with you called A.D.A.M. Inside Out. It's an visually stunning, interactive, online program that teaches about the human body structures and systems. Here's a photo I snapped during their online demonstration.

I wasn't planning to use this program before, but we may purchase a year's subscription and visit this site as we work through our Human Anatomy and Physiology books in the next several months. We'd get so much use out of this program. The timing really couldn't be more perfect.


Shifra said…
I have been going through The Well Trained Mind again too! :)

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