When Norah is done with her school work, I give her a book from our reading list to read silently. She reads the whole book cover to cover and then answers my questions about it or narrates it for me.

If I would let her, she'd read two or three books from our reading list everyday! But, I keep these "reading" books high on the shelf because I like being able to give her a new, special book. It feels like a reward to her after she finishes all her school work. Even today she asked, "What book am I reading today?" and "Can I do my reading book before I do math?"

This reading book often puts her in the mood to read more, but I make her choose library books or books from our shelves at home to satisfy her need to read her for the rest of the day. But, she reads so much, she has read the same books several times now. She will often check out a library book two or three times before it gets "old." But, at this point, many library books, especially the fiction ones that have age-appropriate content, are already "old" to her.

With her reading a book a day, the list I have won't last more than a month or two. I am already working on the next list of "reading" books to compile for her. But, with that list, I am already assigning books that are on a forth and fifth grade level. I have some concern that the content in these books will quickly become too mature for her. She's only six.

I knew this would happen. I had heard other home school mom express concern and frustration over the fact that there aren't enough books with age-appropriate content for their advanced readers. So, I guess I expected this, but it looks like it might be happening much sooner than I thought.

Maybe we will make it our ambition, a fun goal, to read every age-appropriate book with decent content in the library. I'm not sure how we would know we read all of them except to start at one end of the room and check out books and let Norah read them till we get to the other end of the room.

Or maybe I can help Norah compile a long list of topics A-Z and check out every book on that topic that is in our library till we finish the list of topics.

I don't really know what to do! But I really need to find a more strategic, aggressive way to keep up with my daughter's love of reading before I run out of books to offer her!


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