We celebrated Norah's seventh birthday this week. We let Norah choose where we went to dinner. She chose our favorite authentic Mexican restaurant. We had the staff surprise her with some ice cream and a very loud birthday song. Dwayne and I both forgot our phones or else we would have gotten a photo of her in a sombrero. I guess that's one image I will have to store away in my memory.

We came home after dinner and lit the candles on her cupcakes, sang to her and then we ate dessert together. She decorated these cupcakes herself earlier in the afternoon.

We gave Norah her presents and then spent time together in the living room till bedtime.

Norah got several Star Wars collector's books and picture dictionaries (which she has already read.) She got some new Webkins from my brother. We also got her a membership to Animal Jam which she's been begging for for over a year. She's been enjoying her new computer pets all day today.


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