You know you're a home schooler if...

"bookshelves" and "drywall anchors" are items on your school supply list.

We added two bookshelves to the wall of our dining room today.

We have a table in our eat-in kitchen that we use for our family meals. We only need the dining room to be a dining room when we have guests over for meals... and that's only thirty or so nights a year. I am way too practical to maintain a dining room as just a dining room, not when I can use it every single day of the year to home school. I arranged the table in the room length wise now so that even with the shelves, there's still enough space for us and for any dinner guests to move around the table with ease.

Obviously, I've still got a lot of work to do on these shelves, on this entire room, in fact. But it's joyful work spreading myself from two bookshelves to four.

Here's a photo of the two bookshelves that I already had, taken a few months ago. And since this picture was taken, I had added several more books to our supply. Several. Things were getting so crowded, in fact, I was stacking books in piles on the floor in out of the way places all around the house!

Here's a photo of what the dining room wall looked like before. The shelf that was removed will be relocated (once Dwayne locates his level) to the wall above the couch in the adjoining room, low enough for me to reach what's on it but also high enough not to knock heads as people sit down on the couch. We will use it for books and supplies that we need when we are schooling on that side of the room.

Our book collection and home school rooms are growing just like our kids... Fast! Even with books from the library, Norah's appetite for reading is almost more than I can keep up with. It's a good problem to have, though.

I have a strong feeling "bookshelves" will be on next year's supply list and the next year's list, too. At that point, I am not sure where we will be putting the shelves, but we've got too much learning to do to worry about it right now. We'll figure it out when it's necessary.


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