For Reading-

These are the books I will assign Norah to read this year. After were done with everything else for the day, I will have her read in one of these books for thirty minutes. If she wants to keep reading (and I think she will) then I will probably let her keep going till she gets tired or finishes the book, whichever comes first.

A Question of Yams
Keep the Lights Burning Abby
Clara and the Bookwagon
The Chalk Box Kid
Riding the Pony Express
The Littles
Jake Drake Bully Buster
Third Grade Detectives: Mystery of the Left Handed Envelope
Mystery of the Stolen Statue
The Last Little Cat
The House on Walenska Street
Secret Valley
Cora Frear
Tippy Lemmy
The Paint Brush Kid
Prairie School
The Long Way Westward
The Long Way to a New Land
Clues in the Woods
Owls in the Family
The Sword in the Tree
In Grandma's Attic
Encyclopedia Brown #1-7

Up to this point, I've hesitated to assign or require Norah to read specific books. I've only put books like this on her shelves and encouraged her to read them, letting her stay up late if she agrees to choose a book from a stack of books that I make for her, etc. It's bribery, but it has worked pretty well.

However, she's such a joyful, independent reader, I don't think assigning books will cause her to dislike reading. In fact, I know she will enjoy these titles. She isn't drawn to their covers on her own which is part of the reason she hasn't read most of these books already but they are some of the best stories out there for kids at her reading level.

I've collected the titles we already own from around the house, but I still need to order some of these books online. The ones I can get from the library, I won't buy. When we get near the end of this list, I will make another, more advanced list and assign those.

Most of these books are on Sonlight's Readers 3rd grade list. For that reason, I think I will buy their readers schedule so I will have some ready made questions to use to test Norah's reading comprehension.


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