My Resolutions for 2011.
Priorities have changed since I found out I am expecting a baby.

Run a 5k.
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! The only exercising I am doing right now are my Kegels. I am just focusing on eating right and keeping that nutritious food on my stomach long enough to digest it. I am staying away from the junk that I used to feel justified eating while pregnant and only eating things of real nutritional value this pregnancy. Absolutely no fast foods. No fried foods. I've completely cut out soda and chocolate and candy, etc. I would like to keep my weight gain with this baby really, really low since I am already carrying extra weight.

Follow Fly Lady's Flight Plan every single day.
I had been feeling so bad, cleaning has been next to impossible. I would either gag from the smells and appearance of food particles left in the sink or manage to do dishes, but then break into cold sweats shaking all over from the exertion. But the last few days, I've been feeling more normal so I am trying to get back into the routine of doing Fly Lady's morning routine. It's taking all day to do that morning routine, but that's more than I was doing when I was feeling sick so I feel good about it.

Mend my quilts.
I am not feeling as motivated for extra projects like I was before the hormones kicked in. My energy is often sapped before I finish what is necessary from my day, let alone anything extra.

Let Norah play outside
She hasn't been outside in a while. I have no desire to be outside. The breeze may blow me a smell that makes me gag. And I also feel more vulnerable than I usually do about letting her play in the yard without me there. Again with the hormones. Pregnancy really changes my perceptions.

Read through the entire Bible.
I'm still on track with this plan.

This last week, I've had a lot of opportunity to pray for my friends as they share what's going on in their lives.

Read one book every month.
Every free minute I have had has gone to preparing for the next year of home school and unless reading Norah's spelling text or science text count or unless I can count the books I am reading out loud to Norah, I am way behind on reading one book each month.

Eat fruit and vegetables
I'm doing well with this. Pregnancy helps. I was craving fresh pineapple and carrots today and I had a big bunch of green grapes after dinner.

No late night eating.
I'm doing well with this, too. Because my system has really slowed down, I try and eat a smaller dinner and finish eating and taking supplements at least three hours before I go to bed so all my food is pretty much digested before I lie down.

Be consistent in the garden.
The weeds are taking over out there. I can't even clean the bathtub without getting the shakes, so I don't see how I could work like I need to outside without getting in big trouble physically.

Stop talking in bed.
I'm doing alright with this. But I have required a lot more attention from Dwayne during the waking hours than I normally do. We've been through this twice before and Dwayne and I both know that his dismissing me because I'm hormonal would just make it harder for me to deal with the hormones. I am so thankful for how he "lives with me in an understanding way." Okay... here come the tears of gratitude... See! I'm hormonal!

Go to be early.
I'm getting plenty of rest these days. When I need a nap, I take one when Avril takes one in the afternoon. Even though I know it's part of the deal with this stage of life, I kind of hate needing naps. Naps make me feel unproductive and then I struggle with feeling inadequate. But, the good thing is I know from experience that this season is temporary and even though it might take about a year with a full pregnancy, a birth recovery and then nursing a baby through the night, I will, eventually, go back to not needing the extra sleep. That is... unless caring for three kids is much harder than I think it will be.


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