Today I am working on my final "History Project Supply List." I am neatly listing the chapter, the project we're doing for that chapter and the materials I will need to purchase or collect for Norah to do them.

In some cases, I am choosing to do my own project instead of one of the projects recommended in The Story of the World's Activity Guide. For example, instead of making the Great Wall of China out of craft sticks and glue which just sounds like torture, we're going to buy a 3D puzzle of the Great Wall and put that together instead.

Here's a peek at what the final version of this list looks like so far. It's tedious work, but having a nice list like this will make it much quicker for me to reference and easier for me collect and shop for supplies. We will still need to refer to the Activity Guide for instructions on how to do many of the projects specifically, but that will only be after we have been able to set up our work space, once we sit down to work.

Chapter 10: Make a Ming Bowl-

White air drying clay

Blue Paint

White Glue

Paint Brushes

Plastic Bowl

Plastic wrap

Rolling Pin

Chapter 11- Make a paper necklace-


Magazine pages


Glue stick


Chapter 12-Make a golden bracelet-

Toilet paper tube

Gold paint


Paint brushes

Chapter 13- Make a model of one of Hatshepsut's monuments-

Plenty of sand colored air dry clay

Chapter 14- Make Ten Plagues Stickerbook-

Laminate Paper

Photocopy on card stock-Student page 41

Photocopy on sticker paper- Student pages 42-44

Colored pencils

Chapter 15- Make colored glass-

wax paper

old crayons- red, blue and yellow

hand held pencil sharpener

Chapter 16- Build a siege tower-


Chapter 17- Build the Hanging Gardens of Babylon-


Chapter 18- Make an Erupting Volcano-

8 oz. Drink bottle

brown self hardening clay

rimmed baking sheet

baking soda


red and yellow food coloring



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