I've been working to collect all the items we are going to need to do Norah's science experiments this year. After several months of working through Norah's history book with her, I've realized that we are doing far less of the history projects (hardly any at this point) because I don't have the stuff I need for the projects already collected in one place. It's too hard to find this thing or that, too much trouble to run to the store for something, and far too easy to just skip the project and move on to the next chapter, etc. So, I am collecting all her science stuff now. This way, everything we need for every science project will be on hand. I also plan to go back through her history book within the next few days and make a list of supplies for the projects in the chapters we have yet to cover and collect those supplies, too. To do this up front is a tedious and expensive endeavor, but I feel confident it will be worth the effort.


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